The Tomb of All Things

by Un

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released December 4, 2015

Monte McCleery - Guitar & Vocals
David Wright - Guitar
Clayton Wolff - Bass
Andrew Jamieson - Drums

Recorded & Mixed by Jon Lervold at Big Name Studio
Vocals recorded by James Kelso at Screaming Monkey Studio
Mastered by James Plotkin
Additional sound design by Jon Lervold
Cover art by Sam Nelson
Layout by Alexander Eastman


all rights reserved



Un Seattle, Washington

Realization through Introspection.


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Track Name: Sol Marasmus
All existence bound to a hollow fate
All reality collapses back into the void
Great titans weep in a ghostly haze
Vessels of life now but empty shells

Frozen In Silence
A virtue of death
Monoliths of time
(All) Return to dust
Track Name: Forgotten Path
Long I’ve wandered this forgotten path
And on this journey, I’ve found nothing
Still I continue, Shedding this withered skin
But through this process, I’ve gained nothing
Bleak gaze turned inwards, peering through what’s left within
Though of myself, I’ve learned nothing
Like fading embers, Life force begins to dim
And though you suffer, I feel nothing

I approach the temple of emptiness
To find my name carved in stone
I cross the threshold of mortality,
the path behind me now fades…
Track Name: Through The Luminous Dusk
How deep must I dig this Grave?
How far below must I bury these bones?
Must I completely abandon this life
Before I am no longer haunted by myself?

Fingers bloodied and nails torn back
But I will keep digging this shallow grave endlessly
For a vanished body

As daylight fades, I am awoken from some cruel dream
Shattered by a silhouette upon the horizon
Beckoning me through the luminous dusk
To leave all behind without a second thought
And I will not look back

Fingers bloodied and nails torn back
But I will keep digging this shallow grave endlessly
To leave an empty existence
Track Name: The Tomb of All Things
Carried by astral currents
Like a windswept leaf
Lost among the dunes of time
Tumbling towards infinity

Cosmic Nomads, Long forgotten
Spectral light fading fast
Ancient vessel condemned
To claim our tomb amongst the black

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